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A Slow Gift brushes aside the negative connotations of obligation and focuses on the expression of friendship, love, devotion, gratitude, humility. A Slow Gift delights with surprise. It is often fleeting in nature with a healthy irreverence towards market commerce. Some Slow Gifts are one-of-a-kind packages, like a found bird's nest, or colorful fall leaf wrapped up like a precious commodity. Other Slow Gifts are carefully crafted specialized creations using images or items specific to the recipient in surprising contexts. In other words, a Slow Gift is what it needs to be in the moment. 


We can make you a Slow Gift, or you can make one yourself. Slow Gifts are simply gifts to be shared. They are never rushed, never commodified. If you are willing to explore the possibility of unobliged gift giving, please inquire and we will get back to you... in a somewhat timely fashion. 



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